Maintaining a software service is far more important than the initial provision of the service in the organization. Because before the software arrived, the organization provided its own needs, but after the arrival of the new software, it changed its processes in proportion to it and depended on its service in its work and stopped or Disturbing service implementation will have a lot of negative consequences. In the case of the portal, due to the direct reflection of its effects on all internal and external stakeholders, the sensitivity of technical support will be far greater, and because of this, the conditions and quality of technical support services has always been one of the key criteria of IT managers in determining choice.



SEO is the term "Search Engine Optimization", which is called equilibrium words such as SEO or search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO is to help websites achieve high rank in search results and increase the association between pages and keywords entered by users. SEO is optimized to improve the ranking of sites in the search results, and this process requires knowledge and time to implement their own methods.

Depending on how competitive keywords are used in optimization, SEO will take weeks or months to get the desired result. Although search engine optimization can not be quickly seen, SEO's long-term benefits increase site rankings and increase visitor visibility. One of the main goals of web sites is to place Dourtal on the first page of Dourtal search results.


Theme design

Each company or organization has a unique organizational identity and structure. This is also the case with the design and appearance of the corporate portal. One of Dourtl's solutions is to provide template design services and its graphical sub-items.

  • Implementing custom templates in accordance with the client's design
  • Implement the layout and convert it into a template when the customer has not submitted a plan
  • Icons and icons design for displaying services, work samples ... (not including logo design).
  • Design of public and private templates for municipalities and private and public organizations
  • Design of corporate site templates, portfolio, personal ...
  • Observe the UX user experience in the design of the template

Designing and consulting user experience (UX)

UX briefly describes the behaviors, attitudes and feelings of a user about the use of a specific product, system, or service. The user experience covers the applied, experienced, emotional, meaningful and valuable aspects of human-computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, a person's perception of a variety of aspects of a system, such as usefulness, ease of use, and efficiency, is also within the scope of user experience. In other words, user experience is the memory of a user using the product, system, or service.

Donald Arthur Norman: The user experience includes all aspects of the user interactivity with the company, its products and services.
Jesse James Garrett: The user experience is in a way that is behaved in a real world with a product.



In order to provide better customer service and good after-sales service, Dourtal has been conducting portal training courses in person. Obviously, passing these courses will help customers easily use the portal. These courses include advanced portal and advanced training (including form builder), and welcome customers can attend these courses for free.

The courses are held monthly at Dourtal Company and are scheduled to run on the following table. If you wish to attend a training course at least two weeks before the dates listed, please indicate the number and the name of the participants in the class by written letter to the company. The capacity of the classes is limited and priority is given to those who register faster.



Web hosting or web hosting means providing the space where a user can place files and other services related to their website. Shared Hosting (shared web hosting) is a web hosting approach that shares server resources between multiple sites. Web hosting is a cheap solution for hosting a website that a user can use from a shared server without having to set up his own server or familiar with the technical aspects of server operations.

The most important advantage of shared hosting is its low cost. Because resources are split between several sites, costs are reduced in the same way. There are no standards for the number of sites that can be hosted on a server, and this number can vary depending on the type of service, type of hardware, and the type of sites. A shared hosting company in Dourtal based on the Windows operating system and a variety of standard and professional servers are ready to provide users.


Form Design and Organizational Processes

Designing and implementing e-forms and processes in the context of Dourtal's Advanced Formulator Management requires process analysis, process design and implementation of the workflow, forms, and process-related reports. Dourtal can be on your way to sharing your engineers and analysts experience with you.

  • Supports a complete set of Web controls (over 58 different controls)
  • Support for organizational hierarchy (organizational chart)
  • Filtering and searching for implementation of organization processes
  • Having the necessary facilities for designing organizational processes
  • Manage user access levels in organizational processes
  • and ...
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