Dourtal hosting services

Web hosting or web hosting means providing the space where a user can place files and other services related to their website. Shared Hosting (shared web hosting) is a web hosting approach that shares server resources between multiple sites. Web hosting is a cheap solution for hosting a website that a user can use from a shared server without having to set up his own server or familiar with the technical aspects of server operations. The most important advantage of shared hosting is its low cost. Because resources are split between several sites, costs are reduced in the same way.

There are no standards for the number of sites that can be hosted on a server, and this number can vary depending on the type of service, type of hardware, and the type of sites. Shared hosting in Dourtal is based on the Windows operating system and a variety of standard and professional servers ready for the users. The servers at Dourtal are equipped with powerful day-to-day hardware and have the latest software release. Engineers and technicians monitor servers at night using the most advanced monitoring equipment.
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