Portal support

Maintaining a software service is far more important than the initial provision of the service in the organization. Because before the software arrived, the organization provided its own needs, but after the arrival of the new software, it changed its processes in proportion to it and depended on its service in its work and stopped or Disturbing service implementation will have a lot of negative consequences.

In the case of the portal, due to the direct reflection of its effects on all internal and external stakeholders, the sensitivity of technical support will be far greater, and because of this, the conditions and quality of technical support services has always been one of the key criteria of IT managers in determining choice.

  • Portal update

    Dourtal's continuous software updates and new features are added to it. Dourtal support updates the software as quickly as possible.
  • Ticketing responses

    One of the main Dourtal support services is to answer telephone questions by telephone, email, and submit a support ticket.
  • Portal training

    Another activity is Dourtal support, providing online and telephone training, training files, and attending classrooms for well-known customers.
  • Content and SEO consulting

    Portal support provides consulting services for the production of corporate and cohesive content to all customers (both private and public) in accordance with the contract.

Support, an independent section

Douran group, by separating the organization's technical support department and developing customer relationship management processes, has tried to provide timely and anticipated customer support in all circumstances.

The company's support services include troubleshooting possible software errors, providing patches for improving the software, providing advice and guidance for optimal use of the portal, providing monthly training and fixing system bug for system users, providing upgraded software versions for free in Supports contract templates as well as specialized hosting services to enhance customer service.

We provide the best ways to support the corporate portal

  • Helpdesk support system

    A smart method of support with the ability to permanently record information along with tracking code

  • Call

    Answering questions, providing counseling and hearing aid for your feedback and suggestions

  • Support and training

    Present and non-face-to-face classes provide consulting and training for the corporate portal

Support Plans

One of the benefits of Dourtal support is to provide various plans for support. Obviously, the needs of customers are not necessarily the same, and customers may need only some services. Different support packages make the client more free to choose.

  • Provides golden, silver and bronze support packages
  • Providing consulting services for user experience and SEO
  • Hosting support and email service
  • Update the portal and respond to customers via email, telephone and ticketing
  • Custom template design for customers
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