DIS system introduction

Dourtal's Integrated Integrator System is a comprehensive, secure and efficient solution by setting up the necessary communications between the portal system and the application systems in the organization for providing electronic services. This system is based on the latest architectures and technical technologies, produced and implemented.

DIS system architecture

Dourtal Integrated System is based on the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 technology, using Onion Architecture and implementation of SOLID standards.

DIS Integrated system schema

DIS System components

Token Server: This section has been created to authenticate users to access the services and facilities provided by the organization. This part of the system is based on Owin technology. Based on this technology, the entire process of authentication is based on the JWT Token standard.
Sync Service: This section is intended to convert the raw data of intra-organizational systems into usable and applicable data in the services of electronic services, as well as obtaining user authentication data.
 Proprietary web services (Web Services): In this section, according to the organization's e-services, the relevant web services are produced and usable in the portal software or other existing systems. It is worth mentioning that Web services are based on the latest .NET Web technology (Web API 2.0).
 Software Development Kit (SDK): In order to develop the infrastructure and the flexibility of the system, this section is provided as a software development kit. This feature also enables the production of dedicated Web services by technical experts of the organizations. It should be noted that the creation of service-oriented organizations is also done by Dourtal in this context.
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