Dourtal store maker

Dourtal store is implemented using ASP.NET language with the MVC architecture. Its interface structure has two important features. At first, the responsiveness and optimal display of smart devices and their other functionality are intelligent and flexible management dashboards. This software is fully modular and flexible, and can be installed and configured in any module and can be customized to any features and capabilities that the customer needs. The system is regularly updated and answered to customer questions using various support methods (telephone, email, ticketing, online chat, etc.). The optimal structure for Persian language and the glorious calendar of Jalali and the history selector are among the other features of this software.

  • Update and support

    Dourtal Store Store software is constantly updated and new features are added to it. Dourtal support will show the software as quickly as possible.
  • SEO

    Dourtal store builder is designed and coded in accordance with SEO principles. Everything is ready for create and content marketing!
  • Modular system

    Providing a variety of store modules, upgrading and optimizing existing modules along with programming new modules tailored to customer requirements.
  • Graphic templates

    Design of custom molds is tailor-made to customer requirements. Each online store has its own color and brand identity.

Responsive and graphical templates

One of the key features of the advanced storefront is the ability to use different templates for the appearance of the store. Certainly, the design and layout of the elements, regardless of the beauty and acceptability, must be easy to use and far from complicated for users. Templates are manageable and even editable in the Store Manager Dashboard. Naturally, each store can choose its own template based on its interests, work area and color composition, and implement its store with the desired appearance.

It is worth noting that in the category of design of a shop model, it is not just a matter of beauty. Considerations include user experience and ease-of-use, system responsiveness, and responsiveness of the site and any items that fall into this area.

Optimization and SEO

Dourtal store has an optimized structure and standard SEO coding. An online store needs to be optimized for the software that it uses to rank higher (thanks to its competitive keywords). Technological principles are respected. To manage the categories and tags of the program. They can manage their proprietary URLs and remove their extra files. Finally, there's a powerful blog and news system for content production and marketing.

  • Smart Blog System
  • Cohesive url structure for categorization and tagging
  • The editor is suitable for content formatting
  • Use schema, local seo and ...
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