In order to provide better customer service and good after-sales service, Dourtal has been organizing portal training courses in person. Obviously passing these courses will help customers easily use the Dourtal.

These courses include advanced portal and advanced training (including form builder), and welcome customers can attend these courses for free. Courses are held monthly at the company's premises and their time is as follows. If you wish to attend a training course at least two weeks before the dates listed, please indicate the number and the name of the participants in the class by written letter to the company. The capacity of the classes is limited and priority is given to those who register faster.

Distance Education

Since respectable customers reside in different provinces, it is therefore not possible for some loved ones to attend classes in terms of time, distance, and so on. One of the methods of providing organizational education is distance learning. For this purpose, distance learning is provided for customers who do not want to attend classrooms.

  • Connect through AnyDesk software and answer customer questions.
  • Presentation of books, films and educational podcasts.
  • Providing technical training and holding classes for public relations organizations and companies.
  • In-system and online training
  • Content and SEO training tailored to customer needs.
  • Learning to produce non-text content such as infographics, graphic art and ...

Structured education with valid degree

Regardless of the corporate portal software training courses (Dourtal), Douran group has been organizing a variety of training courses and workshops. These courses are suitable for both private companies and government agencies at different levels. These trainings are offered at the undergraduate, intermediate, and professional level, and then a valid degree is presented.

  • Network and security courses
  • Monitoring courses, virtualization
  • Programming courses (desktop, web and ...)
  • Database training courses along with software training
  • Processing and retrieving information periods
Douran Academy

Education Courses - 2019

Row Date Day Hour Course
1 2019/00/00 Tuesday 9 to 13 Introductory
2 2019/00/00 Tuesday 9 to 13 Introductory
3 2019/00/00 Tuesday 9 to 13 Introductory
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