Advanced form builder and workflow

According to Dourtal approach, in order to provide the facilities and capabilities that are essential in providing corporate portals, the software maker has been designed and implemented. The plan has succeeded in achieving a broader range of organizational needs for service delivery and communication with audiences.

Dourtl Advanced Form Builder has the ability to create and manage various types of electronic forms. For example, it can be used to create a simple contact or recruitment form. You can also implement a complex form with wider fields that have duplicate names. In addition, the builder structure can also have a workflow or workflow. Given that part of the portal training is dedicated to the developer, so customers will also be able to build the form.

Part of the advanced form builder

  • Supports a complete set of Web controls (over 58 different controls)
  • Support for organizational hierarchy (organizational chart)
  • Filtering and searching for implementation of organization processes
  • Having the necessary facilities for designing organizational processes
  • Manage user access levels in organizational processes
  • Possibility to provide multilingual electronic forms
  • Possibility to create a portal-based module with support for portals and form makers
  • New electronic payment functionality
  • Various validation for controlling input data
  • Capable of recording Master-Detail and Group information
  • Import / Export functionality for system forms and workflows
  • View the form in paging


This software has a part to generate work flow that allows users to create various work cycles using their capabilities. The key features of this system are the ability to define access rights at different levels. Using the "Form Builder" software and defining different activities on forms using the "Workflow" software, the user can implement simple and somewhat advanced work cycles without the need for technical knowledge. Slowly

Trackable trends

Tracking via tracking code and email

Show based on user roles

and ...

Get output and manage information

Regardless of what advanced forms and workflow are in place, we need to be able to extract the recorded data. Suppose we have an advanced multi-level form for recording employment information. Organizational experts who intend to review them should be able to get out of them and sort them according to organizational goals. Edit the output. Analyze it and send it to your administrators.

Of course, the output is not just for managers and information analysis. A user may want to get the information that they have entered and save to their system (it's just meant for their own information). In addition, suppose you want to transfer some of the information from one software to another. In this case, you will also need to get the information output.
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