Content management system

An electronic organization is one of the most recent and key achievements of the digital age. This achievement targets the basic activities of enterprises and enterprises and tries to optimize the existing mechanisms and activities to the highest possible level of efficiency. This will allow the organization to plan, design and implement operational environments regardless of spatial distribution and distribution, number of human resources and volume of transactions of that organization. In this way, the system will direct organizations as a more active entity in terms of organizational structure changes and organizational methods optimization. Dourtal has expanded its scope of activities to the major programs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has developed its software platform for such development.

Responsive design

Web design with floating layouts, fits all smart devices

Management dashboard

Advanced dashboard system for portal and subportal management

The portal follows the principles of SEO optimization

The SEO principles are in place in software development and development

Template selector

Advanced template selector to split the page and entire site

Admin admin panel with drag and drop feature

Drag and drop the mouse to design the page!
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